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i've got a new complaint

I've got a new complaint

When I got home there were three wedding presents waiting for me. A nice restaurant gift certificate from my mother's friends at work and two Amazon packages. Thank you Steven and Aaron and Robert for the wonderful gifts. Your thoughtfulness and generosity turned my day around.

Natalie and I tried to stop over at the Jets training camp (she goes to basketball camp at the same college they practice at) but it was way too humid. We did, however get a glimpse of the hugest Jet ever. We'll try again tomorrow.

And the best part of the day: I found something to wear to our wedding. Not a great picture, but it will do until you see pictures of me actually wearing it.

By the way, those are pants, not a skirt or dress. I'm just not a dress person. But it's pretty dressy as far as backyard casual weddings go. I'd like to thank my favorite Corgi for the very sweet offer of the use of her wedding dress, and Nancy, who offered a dress also. With friends like bloggers, who needs to ever leave the house?

Here's the Betsey Johnson number Natalie is wearing for the wedding.

Now I can stop worrying about clothes and commence with worrying about weather and food. The funny thing is, I'm not in any way worried about the marraige ceremony or the marraige itself. That's the easy part. Can I tell you that I am one lucky woman to be marrying Justin?

Speaking of which, two major magazines had articles about older women/younger men and how all the stars are doing it now. Suddenly I'm trendy? New York did a nice little piece on the subject and that was alright. But then my mother shows me this month's Good Housekeeping with their cover story about it and I cringed. Here I thought I was being different and daring. Now not only am I a Hollywood trend, but I've got the fucking Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. My alternative lifestyle choice has been mainstreamed. I may as well be listening to Blink 182 and wearing Britney brand roller skates.


that is an awesome outfit. i love that. you have to take pictures at the wedding for those of us too far south to attend.

What a fantastic outfit. Can't wait to see pics.

I agree -- great outfit! You're going to look smashing dahling!

it's a perfect dress -- and the kid's betsey johnson is absolutely gorgeous. sniff it's going to be a beautiful wedding.


I just saw an interview with Sigourney Weaver, she'd mentioned a movie I believe called "Tadpole" and yep...it's trendy. You are trendy. Hee!

Been surfing, don't know how exactly i got here but glad I did :D
Cool place you have here hugs

So pretty! And don't worry too much about the weather.

nice outfit choice. I'm sure you will be the most beautiful bride ever!

yeah yeah - but where's the dress DJ is wearing?

oooooo pretty. :) I guess I will have to wear my own damn dress.

wow, both dresses are lovely. can't wait to see the pictures. you are posting pictures, aren't you?

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