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for dicks only

for dicks only

If I ever come across anyone driving with one of these decorations hanging from the bottom of their truck I swear to all that is powerful in this world that I will castrate them with nothing but a rusty razor and my own two hands. And then I will hang their real nuts from their truck and make them drive it cross-country with a sign that says "I am a nutless dick" hanging from their rear-view mirror.

I am in a bad, bad mood today. Don't make me come over there and slap you. Because I will.


Uhm. Why? I mean, whats wrong with it except it's really stupid?

::: ohmmmm ::: ohmmmm ::: ohmmmm :::

... wishing you perfect wedding dress karma ...

You can slap me if you want, but you have to wear that french maid outfit again.

The guy who came up with that (and don't even try telling me it was a woman) is prolly the same moe who came up with those replacement "things" for clipped dogs.
That's just wrong.

first thing I thought when I clicked that link was "neuticles."

so, so wrong.

TruckNutz....available now at a redneck run 7-11 near you...a perfect compliment to the "Back Off" mud flaps and rebel flag front liscense plates

Will a certain class of men ever get over the idea that their sexual equipment is the only thing that matters? I suspect there might be an inverse ratio (in that type of male) between the size of their equipment and the number of active brain cells.

if they really want to impress the ladies, why don't they invent a giant brain to attach to the top of the car? seems more enticing to me..

Even I would'nt hang them from my truck. Besides they would look better if they were the real thing and we know Jo has mine in a jar in the house.

Now you've done it. My girlfriend wants a pair for her truck, especially if she can get 'em in brass.

You only see shit like that here in Texas, I thought. Damn, I hate this state...