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picture day

picture day

I finally went to see Grandpa Joe. He fell asleep while we were talking to him. At least he seemed cognizant of his surroundings today, and he knew who we all were.

Random shots of Grandpa Joe:


The kids around the garden at Grandpa Joe's home:


Sorry for the overload of pictures today. When you can't write, shoot.

That's my motto, anyhow.


I love the photos and the new logo graphic. Writing isn't the only form of self-expression that you're talented at.

if you can't write it (red wine, 4:20) or shoot it (blurred vision, lack of functioning auto focus on Nikon FM2, blab it
blab blab blab blab, blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-b

Gorgeous shots, Michele.

I'm so glad you went to see your grandfather! And the pics are lovely - the one of your daughter smiling is particularly beautiful!

Cutest. Kids. EVER.

And Grandpa Joe is cool too. :)

the picture of Natalie amidst the flowers is stunning.

gorgeous kids there. great pics.