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i'm king of the world

"i'm king of the world!"

I am so having this at my wedding reception.


How wrong is that?

via edgar


that is so wrong but it sure looks fun ...lmao

It looks like a lot of fun to me, I wanna go down the big slide.

this is sweet! How well does it float? Are waterslide applications feasable?

i wonder if it comes with a lifeboat? lol

That is so twisted. Definitely have one at your wedding!

that's so wrong..but it's so right at the same time.

What it really needs is a pool at the bottum with floating styrophoam chunks and the occasional stiff.

It's wrong, yet in all the right ways. :D Definitely it should be there.

But will you have some guy in a chef's outfit go and bonk off the propeller?

when i first saw this, i thought it was a joke.

then i went to wisconsin two weeks ago.

driving down some random county road, what did i spy but this.

I feel like Phoebe in that episode of "Friends" where she was possessed by the old lady that wanted to see everything before she died. Now. I've seen everything. Too funny!

They have these at all the local fairs around here. My daughter loves them. She has no concept of subtext.