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jedi mind trick: banned books version

jedi mind trick: banned books version

Here I go again. And you can't stop me. Expect lots of blathering about the banned books project in the coming weeks.

Candi is amazing. She already has a design ready to go and she's working hard at the behind the scenes stuff. I hope to have at least part of the site up and running this weekend.

And this is where you come in. Last year's project was a huge success because I had zillions of contributors and supporters. You know you want to help. Yes you do. You want to help. These are not the droids you're looking for.

Basically, the help needed runs from small to large. From putting a button on your site (or making new buttons as some of last year's have '2001' on them) to writing a full blown essay on the subject; from linking the project and/or the ALA official page on your site to make others aware of Banned Books Week to researching a specific banned book, any and all efforts are appreciated and duly noted with a link to your site, if you have one, at the project. (Don't be afraid to link to the message page I have up there now, at least it will get people to go to the ALA site and learn about the event).

Last year's images are located here for now.

I am also going to branch out a bit this year to include passages on censorship in general, if that interests you.

If you are interested, please either leave your email address in the comments below or email bannedbooksproject AT hotmail.com and I will either send you information specific to what you want to do to participate, or a general statement of me begging for your contributions.

You want to do this. You want to contribute. You want to take part. These are not....eh, nevermind. That crap only works on stormtroopers.

Thank you and have a pleasant tomorrow.

(ed note: If you are using Moveable Type and have not upgraded to the latest version, I highly recommend it)


I'll help with putting a banner or a few on my site, and/or making some.. with links, of course.

What were last year's like? :)

I put the images up here

I put the button up in a post yesterday. Will probably move it to sidebar in a few days.

Son of UCLA MLS grad, btw.

I just did a post on the project, and I put the flag Gif on my sidebar. Let me know what you need...

Count me in; in fact I posted about this very thing on July 4...

i'll help! i'll at least make a button and link from my site. i'd love to review a banned book too, but i'm not sure i'll have the time.

I'd like the "general statement of me begging for your contributions," please. With a side of "I'll do a button or two for you, and put one on my site."

Hello. If you are owner of this site, delete this message, please.