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head in the clouds

head in the clouds

I love clouds. I spent a good portion of my childhood laying in the backyard staring at the sky and examining the clouds. When I was about ten, I took out some books on meteorology from the library and learned what all the different types of clouds were and what they meant in relation to the weather.

Clouds make me happy. The fluffier, the better. Sometimes, when the sky is that perfect blue and the fluffiness is just right, I feel like I'm in the opening credits of The Simpsons.

Like most people (I think) I like to make pictures out of the clouds. Fuzzy bunnies and dragons and kitties and castles appear in the sky when you play the cloud game. It puts me in another place. A good place.

So today, the clouds were amazing. The sky was perfect. We sat outside and stared above, making pictures out of the white puffs of mist.

Oh, that one looks like.....Saddam.
Look over there, it's Arafat!
Doesn't that look like a mushroom cloud?
Oh! There's a small army of terrorists and they are headed for that other cloud that looks just like a small American city!
Umm...that one looks just like your ex-husband.

It's been that kind of week, I guess.


Seeing as you like clouds, you should pick up a copy of Kate Bush's "The Big Sky" as a soundtrack to your cloudwatching adventures. "Cloudbusting" is a nice choice too.