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not fark, but close

not fark, but close

The boobieblog is closed.

I'm finding it increasingly difficult to post anything of substance here. I have the banned books project going on, Raising Hell is relaunching with a new design, there's back-to-school shit to do and oh yea, I'm getting married in about two weeks.

So please excuse me if this space if full of photoshop and caption contests and silly links and the incoherent ramblings of a stressed out woman for the next two weeks.


I salute you for your efforts.

mmm....silly links and stressed out ramblings. Hey! That sounds like my blog. :p hee.

Take care of yourself these next few weeks. I'll send some cool blue vibes and happy thoughts your way. :)

There's still more content here than virtually any other place I go. So pardon me if I continue to enjoy the quality!