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fo' shizzle my nizzle

Fo' shizzle my nizzle

We have a marriage license. About damn time.

We got to Town Hall this afternoon and were afforded the red carpet treatment based on the fact that we know the right people. No waiting, no hassles, no 765 forms of identification needed.

After we signed the proper forms, we were escorted into the Town Clerk's office who made a big deal out everything and had the town photographer take a picture of us, pen poised over document, making goofy smiles, celebrating our impending marriage. The picture is for the local town paper. I worried aloud that my ex would see it and have a caniption.

Not to worry. He didn't need to see the paper to have his monkey fit.

Word must have leaked out in the office that his ex-wife was downstairs getting a marriage license. No sooner did I get home than my mother said Mr. HissyFit called.

Idiot: 22? She's marrying a 22 year old? 22??
Mom: Yes.
Idiot: You know he's 22? (insert manic laughter here). Did you...
Mom: Yes, he's 22. And don't you think it's about time she found someone to make her smile like that?

End of conversation.

You do realize that this means he went downstairs and looked at the forms we just filled out?

Think it would be a public service if I informed his current girlfriend that he's insane?

On the way home we stopped at the comic book store to celebrate. There was a kid working there, in tandem with his boss, who was trying to hard-sell us every Grant Morrison title ever just because I asked for The Filth. Which they were out of. I have no interest in JLA or Animal Man. But I did pick up Arkham Asylum just to make the kid happy. And I ordered the first two collected of Warren Ellis's Transmetropolitan, part of my effort to have the collected version of everthing there is. Just something like iex more to go and by that time I get those, there will be others.

So, I get to the counter to pay the old man and there's a pile of copied video tapes there for sale. A seedy looking copy of Dead Alive, some wrestling videos and....and......I nearly faint. I see what I have spent the last year looking for. A copy of the BBC miniseries of Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere. I practically drooled on the counter. Twenty bucks later, the two tapes (six parts) were mine.

The icing on the cake was the email from Candi waiting for me when I got home. It took her about one hour from time I vaguely and non descriptly told her what I want in the design for the banned books project (basically I said, I don't know...you design it) there was a beautiful work of art sitting in my inbox. I can really get started on this project in earnest now.

DJ is at the Yankee game, Natalie is out with her aunt. Justin is busy with Rival Schools 2 and I'm getting my groove on with Jay-Z and Wu-Tang shuffling on the winamp.

Yea, I do have good days once in a while. But damn am I exhausted.

18 days. I think I'm gonna make it after all.


22. oo lallalaal ooh baby!! i know you mentiones his age before but wow, the way your mom said 22 and...lol you lucky girl...;)

Neverwhere... the BBC should have poured more money into that. Croup and Vandemar are absolutely spot on though.

I love you, for loving Neil Gaiman and for being as excited as me when I got mine. You shall forever hold a little spot in my heart. Right near Neil.

what does snizzle my nizzle mean?