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whore unto others

whoring other people besides myself

In the tradition of the boobieblog.....e-mail me a picture (.JPG format, preferably) of you wearing something really personal: your favorite pair of headphones, listening to your favorite music/DVD/radio station/whatever....throw in fifty words about yourself, the headphones and the music.

In the tradition of the boobieblog. Never thought I would see those words.

Anyhow, go visit George and send him a picture.


Funnily enough, I just took a picture of my favorite shirt so I could write about it...

Bill, he wants pictures of you wearing headphones.

With or without your favorite shirt on. I vote for without.

Ah, reread, saw the colon after "personal", thought it was just a fr'example.
A picture of me with my headphones on? Dude, just go to my site!

Lovely pic! But question: What were you listening to when it was taken?