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all the news you can eat, $5.99!

all the news you can eat, $5.99!

TV Coverage Linked To Stress Disorder.

In a survey regarding PTSD in relation to September 11th, researchers found that "The more television coverage people watched, the higher the rate of post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD...."

Symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder include a re-experiencing of the event through intrusive memories, dreams and flashbacks. People with PTSD go to great lengths to avoid anything that would remind them of the experience and describe a feeling of emotional numbing. They will also complain of difficulty sleeping and trouble concentrating.

I think it also depends on what news you watch. If you spent enough time waching Geraldo cover the war, I'm sure your stress level is that much higher. Also, you need to learn what the remote is for.

Quite a few people have hinted to me that they think I may be suffering from PTSD. While I do exhibit some of the symptoms, they don't apply because I have been experiencing these things most of my life, not just post-9/11. Also, instead of going to great lengths to avoid reminders, I actively seek them out.

Yesterday, I did say something about avoiding the anniversary date all together and spending the day in an arcade. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that sticking your head in the sand does not make something go away. It just makes it darker. And I'm afraid of the dark. Which is probably why I watch so much news. It's good out here in the light. It's scary as hell, but I'd rather be scared and armed with knowledge than be scared and not know where the hell I am or what I'm doing there.

My father is running a firefighter's memorial service that day. It's going to be at the Long Island Cradle of Aviation Museum (which will eventually be adjacent to the Nassau County Firefighter's Museum) and we may or may not attend that. (Hey! I just found a picture of my dad while searching for a link - second picture down, he's on the left...OH! And i found something he wrote! This internet contraption is making the world a really, really small place)

We may watch the planned New York City service on tv. I like some of what they are doing. But I'm not so sure about the reading of the Declaration of Independence and the Gettysburg Address. This is a memorial service, not a political rally.

Anyhow. I am not suffering from PTSD, but thank you for caring enough to suggest I get help. I'm suffering from the same thing I have been afflicted with my entire life: a quest to know more. I cannot fight the good fight if I don't know what I'm up against. I cannot speak my mind coherently or debate the issues or suggest alternative solutions if I don't make the effort to know every side of the issue.

I could not do this or this effectively if I didn't take the time to read and watch and listen. To both sides - all sides - of a subject.

It's my job to saturate myself with news. I've made it so. Sometimes it does become too much and that's when I gather the kids and we spend a few hours playing Crash Team Racing or watching Invader Zim or just being mindless idiots.

And then it's back to work.


Crash Team Racing is my kids fave! Do you have a multi-tap? If not, get one.

Oh, don't know how we will spend 9/11/02. Probably just hugging my kids.

my kid loves that crash team racing. and he's quite good at it - he's had as many as three keys. he's really crazy.

i'm never going to let him drive. ever.