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banned books and hot dog steaks

banned books and hot dog steaks

Well, I'm going into this Banned Books project full steam ahead.

I received an email today directing me to this site, which lists books that "should" be banned and their offending passages. (Thank you, Heather)

For instance, Robert Cormier's I am the Cheese, one of my favorite books ever should be banned because (among other things) it contains references to farts and a government plot.

I have always felt it should be the parent's choice (up until a certain age) what kids read. No one else should determine what is appropriate or not for my children.

I've only just begun.

Now, I have business to attend to. Gordon (of the defunct Spacheese) gave me the impetus to invent a hot dog steak. And that's what I'm going to do.


the new mcdonald hot dog is pure evil.

Farts are a government plot?

Yes. It has to do with gas and toxic chemicals.

Hmm. When I went to high school in Fairfax County I don't remember an uproar about books we were reading; 'course, that was before most of these were published. ;) Exodus? Shogun? Toni Morrisson and Maya Angelou? C'mon already; for rising seniors in high school? If the surveys are to be believed, kids of that age have already experimented with more than what's depicted there.

I believe that stupid-ass Who Moved My Cheese? book should be banned. It's a pitiful excuse to try to get people to subdivide themselves into "which mouse am I?" segments which correspond to "what kind of worker am I?" when motivational speakers trot this dumb-ass thing out at corporate meetings. The publisher must be laughing his way all to the bank about these stupid people thinking they're mice.

I'd rather decide what kind of donut I am. Mmm... dooooonuts... with spriiiiiiinkles... (not jimmies, dammit, sprinkles!)

Farts and government plots just go so well together...

All you need after that is monkeys.

oh. my. god. what fucktard put that list together? nearly everything toni morrison has ever written. ok, some of it's pretty risque. but the joy luck club?! the source?! those are history books. true stories of people's lives.

obviously someone thinks that every book in print should be prozac heaven. no bad news ever. i can't believe angela's ashes isn't on there. they must not update often.

Michele, remember when we first corresponded I told you about that set of books I have; a listing of banned books in all categories. Maybe we could post excerpts from them?

Hmmm, I can think of a book that contains descriptions of sex and violence that these folks would probably love to put in every student's hands. Want a sample? How about fratricide: "And while they were in the field, C. attacked his brother A. and killed him."