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banned books week

September 21-28, 2002 is Banned Books Week.

Last year, I launched an ambitious, if amateur, website for the purpose of making people aware of book banning and presenting an outlet to talk about censorship, etc. It's still there, but it looks like crap because I never updated it when I moved to Dreamhost last September. And there were other things going on in that month that took a back seat to the project.

Well, I am relaunching the project yet again. Candi is going to redesign the site and I will be putting into Moveable Type so I can easily update it.

And this is where you come in. This year, as last year, the project will be a participatory one. Feel free to send me your views on book banning, anything you may want to write about specific books that have been banned, specific instances of banning, etc. The rules and regs are over on the old site.

Last year there were also ambitious people who took a specific book and wrote about it. Why it was banned, where it was banned, a short synopsis of the book and personal details of why that book is important to them. See here for an example.

I've set up a new email account specifically for the project.

If you would like to participate in any way, please email and let me know. I also need (hint, hint) new buttons made, as some of the older ones have last year's dates on them.

There were over 100 supporters of the site in 2001. I'd like to repeat that amount, as this is a subject I am very passionate about. I'm sure most of you are, too.

Thanks in advance for your support.


awesome! i'm also concerned with book banning. i actually did a report (maybe 2, i dont remember) on book banning in HS. i will see if i can dig up my old reports, and i look very much forward to participating!

i love the fact that you are doing banned books! i love reading them and hope that my kids will always have the opportunity to read any book they want to.

You can count on my support. The Banned Books Project is how I found your site in the first place.

This was such a good idea that I gave my students the url to your pages last year and gave them that very assignment - look through the lists of books (I passed out a few, and there are some texts on censorship with lists in them), find out why it was considered ban-able, and write a paper on their findings. They were completely outraged about many of the books on the lists - and completely disbelieving that the calls for banning were serious. Really a great idea! And gave me an excuse to talk about Harry Potter.

count me in. i'll be there with bells on. this year, i'm covering Harry Potter. :)

Yay Bran!!!

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