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ultimate linkage

ultimate linkage

Neil Gaiman linked to my review of Coraline at Banshee Studios!!!! (August 2 entry).

Yea, I'll be walking on air all day. I'm a geek like that.


You are my hero superstar.

wow. very cool.

i didn't need any further confirmation of your epic-ness, but here it is.

That is so fucking cool.

O. M. G. You are Queen now. I worship thee....

I think I'm going to cry. That's so cool...

I knew my websurfing would one day make sense..

Yep, I was reading his journal and I saw the link back to Banshee Studios. I was like, WOAH how COOL! Granted, I had no idea who you were. Sorries!

Anyway, just saying hi. :)

I'll have to mention that to him when I see him again in two weeks.