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hail to the king, baby

hail to the king, baby

Finally. After power outages and power surges and Photoshop being a bastard this morning, I present to you the finalists for the Photoshop Contest.

Thanks to everyone who played along. Sorry if I had to disqualify your entry for lack of taste or offensiveness in general. Actually, I'm not sorry.

Vote in comments. Voting ends at 5pm today. Winner gets a 10 dollar Amazon gift certificate.

lisaentryth.jpg Lisa (my sister, not that that should sway your vote)
sekientryth.jpg Sekimori
shelbyentryth.jpg shelby
shelby2entryth.jpg shelby again
mikeentryth.jpg mike

Vote away. Have fun. If you have any pictures you would like me to use for the next contest, send them along.



sekimori - not even close.

sekimori gets my vote!

fucking hilarious!

sekimori all the way

Must... resist... peer... pressure...
Gotta say, I love Lisa's.

sekimori! that rocked!

Gotta be Sekimori. Because it's so true.

See, you all think I'm just being my usual prurient self, but this is highbrow political commentary.


sekimori, the smooth favorite

Sekimori, is the best.


yeah, sekimori is cool, but i like shelby the best. pimps are always funny.

Sekimori, but only for the highbrow political commentary.

sekimori -- but Stacy Tabb's was good too.

Sekimori, no doubt about it!


yep, sekimori.


I kind of like Shelby Again, since their is a strong implication that Gulbuth the Rampant is in the not too distant future. And Gulbuth the Rampant does not use AstroGlide.

Sekimori, without question

Sekimori - She will win in the end....

Seki, because she rocks.

Sekimori!!! No come from behind surge needed for that vistory.


Mike. But they're all great.

Seikimori slides into home. The best

Damn, I hate to agree with everyone, but Sekimori takes it. I liked all of them, though.

Sekimori and Stace hands down!!!
Freakin' Hilarious--it looks like the real deal!
The only thing missing is the bubble over their heads with them both saying, "Where da white wommin at?"
Pardon my Blazing Saddles reference, please.


Sekimori, without a doubt.

Sekimori without a doubt. And which one is the top?

Sekimori - hands down - so to speak.

"Shelby again" got my vote for capturing the "militants" of the Hamas and the Islamic Jihad in the background.


like duh! Sekimori

Definitely Sekimori. That one's priceless!

Shelby Again.

Sekimore all the way, with the "shelby" again running a close second

Check out my entry (actually the part in the picture within the picture is from "Alouette" at Free Republic).


I like sekimori. "It's funny because its true." - Homer
I enjoyed them all, however, and thank the entrants for giving me a good belly-laugh.

Sekemori! Outrageous and so true.

Sekimori. although all the entries show a certain inspired brilliance, must go with Sekimori.

Shelby Again

The Sekimori entry gets my vote, as it also explains the baby wipes mystery

Oh cripes -- I'm laughing so hard at Seki's there are tears!

Sekimori wins by a head!

Sekimori. Definitely.

Sekimori, absolutely. LOL

I gotta go with the crowd here. The AssholeGlide - er, I mean AstroGlide - is just the perfect touch of slippery brilliance.

Seki Seki Seki Seki

Sekimori, definitely.

I guess I'm just one of those late comers that gets to the party after all the good food is gone, the bride and groom already left for their honeymoon, and it's just a few hangers on and the bartender. But as we drink ourselves into oblivion, we all agree that Sekimori's pic was the best.

I like Mike's the best. Because it is the best. It looks most realistic. It looks like Mike took a lot of time to make it, and... I like it. Sleep is no substitute for caffeine... but I need either so sorry if this makes no sense. Yeah. Ok I'll stop now.

Sekimori. Sometimes the majority is actually right.


Arafat holding a dildo = always funny. I'm pissed I didn't think of it.

Sekimora - no contest. And besides, she's a Floridian also.

sekimori...sekimori...and again...sekimori

sekimori, hands down!