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courtney love finally becomes useful

courtney love finally becomes useful

k, I kicked Panic-Man in the ass, poured Vodka and Tequila all over his henchmen and told him to get the fuck out because I had work to do.

Oh, nothing to do with the wedding.

The Nirvana message board has been linking to the boobieblog. Direct linking. Direct linking bad. Very bad.

After two emails went unreplied to, I took action.

I renamed the images that they were linking to, and in their place, I put a picture of Courtney Love, nipple hanging out and all.

There is nothing a Nirvana fan hates more than Courtney Love.

Sure, they're still stealing my bandwidth, but I'm getting a good giggle out of it.


Who's photo were they linking to?

You are so much more polite and gentle than I am. I tend to favor substituting an image suitable for the dickblog and a logo of "Suck this instead of my bandwidth!"

Michele, you're evil. But in a great way. :D

ooh! Faith had that bouquet-o-penii image. that would be good.

also, Mike aka Cooties has a solution that will block referrers from all but your own pages. i forget where that is, but you might ask him about that. it's about .htaccess files and stuff.


that's what they need.

fucking lamers.