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what's he doing in that cave, anyhow?

what's he doing in that cave, anyhow?

Rumsfeld on Bin laden:

"He may be dead, he may be seriously wounded, he may be in Afghanistan, he may be somewhere else. Wherever he is -- if he is -- you can be certain he is having one dickens of a time operating his apparatus."


Not even gonna go there.

And then we get this: "Al Qaeda's senior leadership is in disarray. Many of their planners, travel facilitators, and [low-level decision makers] are now dead or have been captured," said General Tommy Franks. "Their training facilities in Afghanistan have been destroyed, command and control capabilities have been disrupted and their remaining leaders are -- as the secretary said -- on the run."

But Rumsfeld is quoted as saying: "For every terrorist plot we discover and every terrorist cell we disrupt, there are dozens of others in the works." Rumsfeld says they don't know if Bin laden is dead or alive but that there are plenty of high ranking Al Qaeda officials who can fill his place.

As Senator Max Cleland (D-Georgia), a Vietnam vet, said to Rumsfeld: Operation Enduring Freedom has become Operation Enduring Frustration.

In September, they swore to everyone that their main goal was to find Bin laden and bring him to justice - whatever brand of justice that would be. Now, almost a year later, they have no idea where he is - if he's alive - and they are dismissing the need to find him. It's not even a priority anymore. What happened to that whole dispensing justice on his ass thing?

Now I am going to spend the rest of the day trying to wash from my brain the image of Bin laden "operating his apparatus." I'm going to have one dickens of a time doing that.


I'd like Rumsfeld to come out and say the following:

"Every terrorist we kill won't be committing terrorism against us every again. Our goal is to kill every single terrorist. If terrorists do not surrender, they will be killed - period. If there are authorities working to educate and fund terrosists, they will be killed - period."

Then Rummy can just keep saying "Period" over and over again. He could make it his catchphrase.

Will Bin laden "operating his apparatus" be our next Photoshop challenge?

Good thinking wKen. Excellent.

Hell if someone showed up in DC with Bin Laden's head on a platter, Rumsfeld would never admit it, cause then all his fun and games would be over.
W. and the rest of the gang will keep this boiling for as long as they can, since the "War on Terror" is just about the only thing they haven't screwed up yet.

You wrote: Rumsfeld says
they don't know if Bin laden is dead or alive

Not quite true actually - Rumsfeld has said that Bin Laden is either dead or alive. R knows he is one of them ;-)