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boss monster

boss monster

You know how there's always that thing - a song, a movie, a smell - that you associate with a certain person or time in your life? And you know how sometimes that association is nothing but bad memories and death wishes? And you know how when you see/hear that thing that you associate with that person or time you want to throw up?

Well, if I see or hear Bruce Springsteen one more time in the next 24 hours I will commit an act of violence. Brutal, unforgiving violence.

That is all.


Saturation aside, his new album is really good.

ducks as Michele looks for something to hit her with

I've always felt that way about Bruce Springsteen. Do you really need to associate his music with trauma? I find it's pretty traumatic all by itself.

I was thinking the same thing this morning.

I was just saying that to my husband as I hurriedly flipped past CNN last night, where Connie Chung was interviewing two 9/11 widows whose stories Springsteen used. I've always hated this guy's music, even being born and raised in New Jersey as I was. 10 years ago I had enough of this!

I rarely listen to him. But 13 years ago, I was dating someone who played the song Roxann in a loop while we were intimate. He thought is was funny, I was not amused. To this day if I hear,
R--o-o-oxan it makes me cringe.

That's the Police/Sting, not Springsteen. :)

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