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greatest cartoon characters of all time, my ass

greatest cartoon characters of all time, my ass

TV Guide named 50 of them. Bugs Bunny led the pack. Sorry, but Bugs was a one-dimensional, predicatble rabbit who had not a redeeming bone in his entire scrawny body. Sure, I loved him and I can quote him like crazy, but totally not number one.

While they did include some of my favorites like the new king of kiddie toons, SpongeBob, Homer, Beavis and Butthead and Cartman, they included some questionable choices and left off the cream of the crop. Ok, so hardly anyone who pays any attention to these polls watches or knows what I consider the cream of the cartoon pop, but I don't really care about them. I think if more people should pay attention to me and what I like because I obviously have refined taste in everything.

So their list includes such hilarious stalwarts as Rocky and Bullwinkle, Fred and Barney, Pikachu, Mr. Magoo, and Woody Woodpecker. (Note the sarcasm dripping from the words hilarious stalwarts before you start throwing darts at me).

To their credit, they did include Ren and Stimpy and Space Ghost, but that does not redeem them.

The Greatest Cartoon Characters Ever That Are Not On The TV Guide List of Greatest Cartoon Characters Ever:

Yea, there's more. But you'll have to go excuse me while I rip someone's arms off and beat her over the head with them until she is screaming for death to take her and I happily oblige by kicking her until she ceases to breathe.

Empire Bail Bonds. They take checks, thanks.


You know, Jim and I were just noting yesterday that TV Guide's list was distressingly Meatwad-free.

"Take the meat bridge!"

The Angry Beavers are my role models: "You have to like-ety like like yourself!"

Yeah, that list is questionable simply because they list Charlie Brown and Snoopy together. I'm sorry, Snoopy was not just some appendage of the round-headed kid.

I totally agree with the list of those great cartoon characters that were left out..Rocko, Stewie, The Family Dog, Pink and the Brain, and The Angry Beavers are definately great cartoon ever material...

I was surprised to see Tom and Jerry at number 50.

No Pinky and the Brain? Sacrilege.

I.. I'm sorry, I can't let this slight to Bugs Bunny go. His questionable sexuality and Charleston-dancing antics will always win out over the fad toons that pander to modern kids' "extreme" mindset with their "attitude" and "irreverance".

Of course, whenever I think of Bugs Bunny I think of Louis CK's standup routine and the "hey, fucker!" line. Cracks me up every time.

Other than Bugs at number one though, yeah, their list is crap. Here's a link to the online article, has a poll at the end.

i love the family dog. i can't bel;ieve that was not on the list. crap heads, what were they thinking? and no pinky??? bastards.

Hmmm--I can see the effects of discovering the Saturday morning off button when my kids were little. (I got tired of kids and husband spending all morning in a trance and then walking around like zombies the rest of the day. I was one mean mutha!)

The only one on your list I recognize is Pinky and the Brain--which I consider absolutely hysterical.

... and "aaaah! real monsters!" i love them. i miss them.


No Samurai Jack, no Pinkie and the Brain and no Tick.


And no Gossamer?!? World's cutest monster and patron saint of Interesting Monstah?!?

"Monstahs lead such innn-teresting lives." ...

If you EVER talk about Bugs Bunny like that again, I will KICK YOUR ASS!

I'm glad that Daria made it to the list at all, but they did miss a lot of good cartoon characters.

I'm second in line behind Lisa for that whole ass-kicking thing. Disrespecting people's personal philosophy gurus can get you into a world of hurt.

"And so, having disposed of the disrespectful blogger, exit our heroes through the front door, stage left, none the worse for their harrowing experience"

Take the hint.

Ok. You both win. I did love Bugs for a long time. It's just that other characters have come along and made my love for Bugs less than what it used to be.

I can probably recite every single episode, does that redeem me at all?

Come talk to me in 50 years and see if anyone remembers Spongebob or most of the other current cartoon characters you're all talking about, and then you can tell me Bugs and the other classic cartoon characters don't belong at the top of the list.

Brian, that's why this is MY list.

What stands the test of time for one person does not stand the test of time for others.

Some people remember Mr. Magoo fondly. I don't. Years from now some people will have forgotten all about SpongeBob and some people will still be sleeping with their SpongeBob blow up doll.

Danger Mouse! Okay, okay, it was a BBC cartoon, but still hilarious. A secret agent rodent and his faithful (woodchuck?) sidekick, Penfold. Sort of a Roger-Moore-as-James-Bond precursor to Pinky and the Brain.

all those are great choices. If you don't know one of the characters, try and download an episode: it will be a treasure. I want to take this time to say hi to each character:
Angry Beavers: those TV guide people are spootheads!
Brak: I like santy claus too!
Invader Zim and Gir: those pathetic humans will be sorry they messed with the might of ZIM! (sign the petition to get them back on the air!)
Brendon Small: it's like real life comedy!
Harvey Birdman: always entertaining to see classic cartoon characters have a run-in with the law.
Aqua Teen Hunger Force: those FREAKIN' TV guide people never seen the show!
Otto: whoah.....am I driving?
Family Dog: haven't seen much of it.
Stewie Griffin: a baby bent on contolling everything.....what's not to love?
Rocko: garbage day is a very dangerous day. TV guide is a very stupid guide.
Pinky and the Brain: even though the show is cancelled, I know somewhere those two mice are still planning to TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

I love all of these. But let me make an addition or two:

Earthworm Jim: with enough quirky humor to fill a planet!
Freakazoid: this crazy hyper-hero has absolutely hilarious adventures. Too bad those artists are working on that god-awful "justice league" series.
Zorak: he's evil and I love him.
feel free to add what the others said to the list.

wow your list is OKAY but to call it refined in tastes and to leave out space ghost and replace him with brak? oh no... oh NO!!?
if you leave out spaceghost for reasons like he's not really a cartoon.. in the classic sense.. he's a talk show host and a genius and everything.. but the throw in brak? c'mon man.. brak is marketable yeah... but spaceghost owns cartoons. SpaceGhost Coast 2 Coast should be on there with everyone cause they are all genius. there was once a three legged story i told my mom that made her cry, too. sometimes she cries just to attract giant killer bees. but i'm almost positive you dont care about that. the show should have frickin awards.. cause it is the only constistantly hilarious and actually smart in its own way show.. cept for daily show.. and kids in the hall..mr show.. ok whatever.. just... nevermind..i'm gonna help my mommy die faster.

Sponge Bob made it, but Brendon Small didn't? Damn that Sponge Bob...the homewrecker. And no Pinky and the Brain? This list, although I agree with some of the choices, must have been made up by a bunch of retards,

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hey dudes like whats the names of the little yellow dog with the long tounge that is the prime example of the stupidest dog ever i dont think he talked neither? i want to look for him but i dont know his name or even whatr sho he was on was it fido? if you can help my email is jdogmich@aol.com thanks

Would have to agree that much of the list was screwed up. But I would have to say that Bugs is #1 though.