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I woke up this morning with blogathy (blogathy: the lack of desire to post anything on your weblog).

However, I still felt the desire to make a post saying how I don't feel like posting.

Maybe I will leave the blogging up to you today. Do you mind?

I need several things.

1. A list of ways to keep cool when even the blast of the air conditioner doesn't seem like enough.

2. A decent name for the boobieblog.

3. Reasons why this band still exists.

4. Confirmation that this is really a joke. They are not making 3 Pitch Black sequel, right?

5. Something to wear to my wedding. Besides a g-string and high heels, thank you.

6. More horroscopes like this: This month finds you seriously contemplating walking away from everything you've ever known, buying a plane ticket and moving to Finland. Sure, you don't know anyone there and can't speak a word of finlandese, but you're a champ at guzzling lousy vodka and watching reindeer fuck. Sadly, just minutes before your flight takes off, you remember how much you hate blonde foreigners - in addition to blondes who listen to Foreigner - and decide to stay at home.

7. My own personal Jesus to help me with Excel.

8. This doll.

9. Boobies. Always need more boobies. (If you sent me pictures and they aren't up yet, they will be up by tonight. Pardon my unmotivated ass. It's the weather).

10. Reasons why I keep doing this.

Ok, wake me when it falls below 80 degrees. Thank you.


#1 sit naked in front of the fan, sipping malibu bay breezes. let the condensation from the glass drip onto your bod (you get to choose the location for the drops). if it's really hot and you get a bit lightheaded, you can come up with some really interesting patterns for the drops!!

this works for me, your milage may vary...

Thanks, Amy. Through the links on that site I was able to find the wedding dress that says me.

and the bride wore a brillo pad

feeling burnt out eh... (I'm not gonna say I told you so) You did an awesome job at the blogathon. BIG HUGS . and you do this for several reasons a) to vent b) to entertain the masses c) cause we love you.

I really liked "Pitch Black" and the BoobBlog should be called "wKen and friends". That's about all I can help you with. Isn't Jesus one of the icon choices to replace the stupid paper clip guy?

Those Jesus pictures crack me up every time I see them. Freakin' hysterical...

As for those wedding dress ideas - run! run fast! run away! (Oh, I've been laughing so hard I think I'm going to be sick!)

Maybe I can help you with the "something to wear to your wedding". I read the other day that clothing made from bubblewrap has become chic. Why, I have no idea. But supposedly www.bubblebodywear.com sells a bubblewrap wedding gown. You wouldn't even need to change for the pool party portion of the day. Just jump in & float. ;)

Those Jesus pictures are misleading. Sure, as IT manager, you'd think Jesus would be happy to help you with all of your computer problems, but the truth is, when you call him for help, you're going to get a surly apostle down at your desk instead. It's just false advertising, I tell you.

so why couldn't you wear the Carrie White dress to your wedding and then just put the doll on your cake?

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