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i'll never leave your pizza burning

30 and 31 up at the boobieblog

I'll never leave your pizza burning

Got another wedding gift in the mail today, a pizza stone and rack that I badly wanted.

I think we are going to save the gifts we are getting through our registry and wrap them and put them on the gift table at the wedding. Is that silly? I feel weird using them before we are even married, and having the gifts there will give the gift givers a presence at the wedding. Right?

Thank you to Stacy, Dan, Keir and Molly for the generous and thoughtful gift. It means a lot. We'll think of you ever time I burn a pizza.

And I swear, I had nothing to do with this.

I'll explain the title reference later. Unless someone has an idea what it means


My boyfriend swears by his pizza stone. He makes homemade pizza and the stone is the difference between it tasting wonderful and coming out like crap. I almost bought that for you and went with the margarita glasses instead. :)

Totally off the subject, but---I like to read your log because you post at the crack of dawn, and I can catch it before I get started on my day. However, the new (and very cute) picture at the head takes more than a minute to download, and this evening the total download time was about three minutes. I don't have the high-speed stuff, but the previous slowest download (BBC News) is now a greyhound compared to A Small Victory. I hate waiting till evening, when I have more time to wait for downloads, to see your thoughts.

okay hee to the article...big honkin hee.

Hmm, is the title a mondegreen for "I'll never be your beast of burden"? Just a guess.

Go, Bill!! Color me impressed.

I actually used to sing it like that. Was better my way, anyhow.

This resignation over photos her ex-boyfriend snapped ... she didn't even pose?? ... is really dumb. I'm about the last person to stick up for "beauty queens," but this woman should not have had to step down.

I'm in total agreement about the beauty queen - I mean, he took a shot of her naked without her permission and is now using it to blackmail her and/or humiliate her - and the board says nothing, just lets her step down? In the best of worlds, someone would have defended her honor...
And about the slow loading: I swear it's blogrolling. My page was fine until I redesigned and switched to blogrolling for my sidebar, now it takes forever to load too.

i think it's blogrolling too - i noticed that michele's page became much slower once she switched.

I bitch about blogrolling and lo, blogrolling goes down. Beware of the Bill!

Um, wouldn't the Beauty Queen be obliged to say that the pictures were "against her will"? There is absolutely no other possible answer for her if she wants to keep her crown (which she obviously does). I don't want to make light of people in abusive relationships, but isn't it a little bit more likely that she just let her boyfriend take a couple of topless photos in the privacy of their own home, and then hoped they'd never surface again?

Silence. The Empress of the Internet is about to speak.

Michele's top graphic is a paltry 27K.

Bill's top graphic is a slightly larger, but still paltry, 47K.

Think of the Internet as a huge web (hence the name World Wide Web)...at each place a strand intersects another strand is hardware. Hardware that your bits and bytes are running through. If Shecky in Dubuque is pulling down 6 gig of porn and your request for Michele's site has to go through that same router, it's going to slow everything down. Gorrit?

Curse Shecky in Dubuque!

Why is Shecky downloading porn at 5 AM? And all his cousins must be also.

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