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Perhaps I owe an apology to some of my sponsors. I'm sure my blogathon entries did not turn out to be what you expected. It wasn't the sort of stuff I usually post about. If you found that the entries over the course of the 24 hours were not in taste with either the cause or what your expectations were, please let me know and I will gladly give the money that you pledged to the Daniel Pearl Foundation.

In my own defense, I felt like I needed to do something that would keep people coming in (I did pick up new sponsors during the night) and keep me awake. It was a real effort for me to stay up 29 hours (yes, 29...I got up way too early on Saturday) and the constant emails and comments on both the main blog and the sub-blog kept me going.

I'm sorry if the content offended anyone who sponsored me.

I didn't do this for the hits. I didn't do this for attention. In fact, it (the boobieblog) was completely unplanned.

For those that did enjoy it, I'm glad you did. It will be staying up for a while. For those that hated it, unless you had a vested interest in what I did here last night(i.e., sponsored me), I owe you no apology.

Meanwhile, more people who need to be thanked: Laura, Jenna, Chuck, Shel, Rannie, Bill, Dave, Ann, Aaron, Reid, James, Fredo, Phineas, Jessica, Jason,Jason, Geoff, Todd, Robyn, Hoopty, Choire, KD, Brandy, Jill, Mike, Keith, Chris, Christine, Chris, Kymberlie, Christine, Glace, Chris, ratty, wKen....I'm sure there are more. I'm still sort of brain dead. But you all did your part to help me raise some money. And some of you were doing your own blogathonning at the same time.


Why apologize? You did a good thing, Michele. The end can definitely justify the means. Plus, it was tastefully done, and it was done in an entertaining way so I kept coming back for more. Think of it as a joint effort by many boobs to help raise money for the Daniel Pearl Foundation, and screw everyone who took offense.

I can't imagine how anyone that spends even a small amout of time on the Internet would find this offensive. You did nothing distasteful, and I'm not saying that just because I sent in a photo. The human body is a beautiful thing, and nobody was harmed by showing small bits of some very beautiful people. If someone pulls out their sponsorship, they are the ones doing harm.

ugh. i can't believe that people complained. this was for charity and you did a good thing and a good job. the boobie contest was tasteful and all in good natured fun.

you did a good thing here. you raised a ton of money for a good cause. how anyone could complain of being offended is completely beyond me.

i personally didn't end up doing what i'd envisioned for the blogathon, but then i had no idea how intense it is doing this much posting. i had plenty of help, collaborators, as did you -- and during the course of 24 intense hours like that, spontaneous things happen among the participants.

and the reaction i've seen around blogland has been overwhelmingly positive.

it pains me that you were criticized to the point of posting an apology like that.

I can't add anything better than what those above have already said. I wholeheartedly agree.

On a somewhat related note, I've just e-mailed you. I'm having trouble getting our payment to process on the Foundation's website, and I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced the same thing?

don't be silly. it's your blog anyway.

and i just realized i can't donate what i pledged so i have to change it to $25. still all good though. :)


As with all the above, I don't see the need to appologize, the people who sent their pictures volenteered to do so, and it was all done in good taste.

As far as I'm concerned, if it got more attention, and because of that attention you got more sponsors and more money goes to the cause, then great.

As others have said - nobody was forced into anything, and it was all done in the spirit of good fun. Such a shame you feel you need to live up to standards and expectations set by others.

I wasn't offended until I saw the picture of wKen. Then I started killing kittens like a boa-constrictor.
Luckily I was rescued by Bill. How all this got so confusing I'll never know.

People complaining about boobies? Who'da thunk?

i told ya beotch - you forgotta thank baby jesus and charles manson.

Good lord - anyone who may have been critical of you is just flat wrongheaded. You did something really difficult and raised a ton of money for a very good cause, and the boobie blog was fun, beautiful, and respectfully done. I guess there's always someone who's going to be offended about any issue of nudity or partial nudity or body stuff, but this just strikes me as petty oversensitivity. You did great, and anyone who says otherwise is being sadly shortsighted.

You shouldn't have to apologize for content on YOUR blog. It was all in good fun, everyone involved was a willing participant, and you raised money for a very worthy cause. I think you did an awesome good job with it.

oh, funk 'em.

it was great fun to do and great fun to read...

you do GOOD 'thon!

They should all go fuck themselves.

i think you did a great job, and i'm glad i didn't try it, after seeing what you went thru. 24 hours doesn't sound as long on paper as it obviously is...

yay boobies! and i think danny pearl would have thought you were hilarious. hug

Yeah, what they said. I shared my boobies for a reason, damn it! You needed boobies, and I was there to help. I'm glad I could do it for a worthy cause!

Um, what they said.


How the hell could someone not like boobies?

Stop the planet and let me off. Christ.

mm. boobs.

I'm really proud of you, Michele.