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Blogathan by the numbers:

2 packs of cigarettes smoked
drank 2 quarts of Snapple Peach Iced Tea
drank 1 Gallon of Poland Springs water
drank 4 pots of coffee
drank two bottles of Skyy Blue
consumed: two granola bars
one power bar
one bowl of Special K with berries
2 Taco Bell chalupas
2 slices of pepperoni deep dish pizza
12 pieces of gum.
Peed a grand total of 46 times
Took 3 showers
Brushed teeth 12 times
changed clothes 4 times
Got a phone call from Natalie 6 times
Got a phone call from DJ 3 times
went through 3 disposable heating pads for my back
posted 80 entries (with the help of melly)
posted 28 cleavage pictures
took zero naps

30 minutes. Man is this dragging on now. My bed is calling me.


46 pees?! In 24 hours?!!

Man, I'm looking at the numbers on the Snapple and the water and the coffee and the Skyy and I'm thinking, only 46 times?!?

Home stretch now!!

one every half hour.. you predicted that, eh?

Michele ...

Michele ...

Oh, Michele ...

Come to me, Michele...

I'm waiting for you...

No more posts... I won't IM you ... I won't comment ... I'll let you sleep ...

Come, Michele, let's drift off ...

Don't do it Michele. You'll let everyone down.

Your Bed pokes Good Guy in the belly

Michele.. please don't go... Good Guy says as he's falling off your shoulder

Just don't wet the bed...

You forgot 24 hours of blogging.
Watch out for the caffeine headaches today/tomorrow (whenever you arise).
Ca i just say, you did something good here today. We just sat, watched - somtimes responding (dipping in from time to time). Congratulations, you must be blogged out.


46 times??? Good God. You do pee a lot. Then again, I have the opposite problem. I could drink that much and still only pee like 8 times. Scary, isn't it? I'm going to have real problems I bet when I'm an old lady...

how many rolls of TP did you go through?