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thank you, part 4

thank you, part 4

My back hurts. My ass hurts. My wrist and hand hurt and so do my eys. I'm listening to Public Enemy. Anything to keep me from falling face down on the keyboard. This last hour is going to be the hardest, I know it.

The big thank you:

To all of my sponsors, thank you. I hope I have lived up to whatever you expected of me. I hope at the very least you were entertained.

There were 36 sponsors who pledged a combined total of $743.00. That's a lot of money. I'm very proud to part of a group who will presenting the Daniel Pearl Foundation with that much money.

I also apologize to the Daniel Pearl Foundation for all the times I wrote Daniel Pear instead. It's been a long day/night/day.

Again, thanks to all my sponsors. It means a lot.

Thanks to my immoral supporters who stood by me during the planning and fretting about the blogathon, hung out on AIM with me or called me on the phone during the wee hours of the night.

Thank you to Justin, who put up with my talking about nothing but the blogathon for at least a week, who gave up a free Saturday with me so I could do this, and who never once complained that we were going to have no time together this weekend. He rubbed my feet and massaged my back and waited on me while I sat in this chair all day and night. He made me coffee and made runs to the store and refilled my water bottle. Thank you babe, I love you and now we can concentrate on the wedding. After I sleep all day today, that is.

I'm having a hard time making this last hour. I feel like I'm in a trance.

8:11. Getting there.


hang on tight. it's almost over. 45 minutes. :)

You can make it. We've all got 35 minutes left to go.

Just keep repeating: you can make it.

Almost done! Oh sure, now I get my third wind...

or maybe it would be better to think "i can't wait until next year"? ya'll are doing fantastic. only 33 minutes left.

home stretch...