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It's two hours until I can sleep. I won't do my official thank yous until the end, but I have to take a separate post to say thank you to Melly.

Mel, I could not have done this without you. You kept me going, kept me laughing, and gave me plenty of breaks as you masqueraded as Marge.

I know the cause was close to your heart, and that's what made it a bit easier for the both of us to keep going until the sun came up.

Thank you from the bottom of my very tired heart. It meant a lot to me to do this with you.

Love you, bitch.


the jig is up!

I couldn't stay awake all night with you cuz I had to go sleep with the baby, but I'm up now (earlier than I wanna be, babies are like that) and I'm saying hi. Hi. If you're brain-dead and need something to click, go visit ZeFrank here. He's always got something, um, interesting to see. Just don't get distracted and forget about us -- you're almost there!

(BTW, love the boobies.)

Keep going :) I know i can do it, so you can. lol

i had no idea. it didn't sound like you at all, melly. you rock for keeping this poor girl awake.