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another set of boobs

another set of boobs

This is the time I usually get up, folks. So I've already been up 24 hours and there's still 4 more to go. My paper is here. The fucking birds are singing. My eyes feel like weighted....weighted......oh hell, you make the simile there. I'm dying, I tell you. Dying.

Another pair of boobs for you:

badboobsth.jpg boobiehead 1 boobiehead2


Usually the phrase "the birds are singing" is preceeded by "Isn't it a lovely day...".
"The fucking birds are singing" just sucks all the fun out of the morning. Life I love you, all is groovy. Sorry, I'm listening to Simon & Garfunkel. Keep it up, not long to go now!
And the simile you were looking for was... "My eyes feel like weighted sacks of brown shit". Can we have a picture of the eyes? Just kidding.
Keep it up, not long to go now! You've done marvelous.

Sorry... marvelously.