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5:00: christine has boobies!

Christine has boobies!!!

cookiesth.jpg christine with the new domain


So naughty, I love it!

blah blah blah ...


She certainly does!

Exquisite. Thank heaven for digital cameras, and the desire to share beauty.

I believe that shot should be submitted to the Mirror Project... and be immediately added to the front page, causing the largest rush of hits to any system since Keith Richards said "Oi, ow does this 'ere syringe thingie work?"

Unfortunately, I think the Mirror Project says no to boobies, don't they? Hmmmm...


I think that would pass Mirror Project muster. I'll send in some sort of naught shot if Christine does!

(I mean, after all, have you seen Philo's on the Mirror Project? He's BUTT NEKKID! Check it out!)

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