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who the hell knows what time it is anyhow?

who the hell knows what time it is anymore?

Just a little poll, kiddies.

Who is still with us. If you are here and still reading, raise your hand.

No, that won't work.

Leave a comment.

Then raise your hand.


Tickle under there!!!

You still with us? Cause I think Marge and I are no longer on this solary system.


raising hand Here!

Still on that second wind.


wheeeeeeeee! there's much amok-running happening. i try to pop in but it's so hard to keep up with the penguin.

raises hand I'm still around, but not for long. I think me and my boobs are about to go to bed.

yes, i'm around. just sitting here, working away.

High five me, somebody!

I'm here... but here is in a different time zone, so is that cheating?

raises hand... PRESIDENT... I mean present

yes, i'm here, but my eyelids are getting heavy...

present, accounted for, and cheering ya on from the sidelines.

i'm still here! with a message for Todd.

Dear Todd,

i am deeply offended by your utter lack of presence and support at Bran's Blogathon 2002 Jamboree. also feeling quite slighted at not having received boobie shots to post. that is all.

your friend,

currently raising hand.


Still here. hand up.


here :)

File13 in the hizzouuuuuuuuuuuuuus!

Thank God I'm in another timezone.

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