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4something: it's raining men

4something:it's raining men

photojunkieboobiesth.jpg rannie

trikboobth.jpg trickfred

shelboobth.jpg shel



gotta love nipple rings... thinking of getting one for my birthday

How come the men are showing nipples and the women aren't?

Ooooh, Photographer Ken...mmmm...:-P

You know, I had a picture that had a bit of nipple showing between my fingers and sent the other picture in instead. Of course, my boyfriend didn't use the flash when taking it, so it's not a great photo.

I have to go with wKen on this. I'm disappointed with the lack of parity around here.

you know, now i'm really dissapointed my man never made it here tonight. his nipples are inside out.

Hallelujah, it's raining men!

so much man flesh, so little time.