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3:37: this is the part where we start to make no sense

3:37: this is the part where we start to make no sense

melandthebean: poo
melandthebean: heehee
melandthebean: poo
Propagandhist: poo poo
Propagandhist: big poo poo!
melandthebean: doo doo
Propagandhist: big doo doo head!
melandthebean: do you have a vagina?
Propagandhist: let me look
melandthebean: sorry i just spit my dr pepper all over th eplace
Propagandhist: oh yea, i do!
melandthebean: wow
melandthebean: hello
Propagandhist: you know.
Propagandhist: it sort of helps
Propagandhist: to take the post off of HOLD
Propagandhist: when you want to post it.
melandthebean: no it doesn't
melandthebean: it doesn't help at all
Propagandhist: bite me you weiner brain.
melandthebean: how ya doin buddy?
melandthebean: buddy?
melandthebean: buddy?
melandthebean: BUDDY!!!!!!!!!!!


Somebody sent me boobies and I lost them! If you are missing your boobies (on this site i mean), email me!


You buncha lightweights. I'm just getting my second wind.

Hee hee. Wind.

Pull my finger.

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