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Fuck now it's 2:40

2 2wy 2 twenty 1


We are now entering the permanent brain damage leg of the race

The quote of the hour, from everybody's favorite Long Island Lolita:

Propagandhist: ok i just posted boobs
Propagandhist: oh nice font
Propagandhist: i can see it

Go ahead, mess with her. It's better than having a little brother.

In other news, I'm fucking tired. This is rough stuff. Especially in the wee hours when the spectator's have all rolled over from orgasm and are away, dreaming of a place that serves roasted marshmallows.

I just keep thinking about boobs now all of the time.


hang in there, you can do this.

boobs are good. blogs about boobs are even better. we're in the home stretch.

Did someone say boobs?

boobs, damm.

As we all know, the best place to hide something is under the mat. hidden