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2:24: finger sandwich

2:34: finger sandwich

I'm hallucinating. I think my Ash bobbin head is talking to me. No, wait. He's talking to Spidey. Whew.

Hang on to your hats, folks. This boob shot may make you ummm...rise up and cheer.

kymth.jpg kymberlie

Hey, you! Get your hands out of your pants. Geez, can't take you guys anywhere.


i bow before the queen of boobage.

passes out

Very nice. Very very nice

I see we've lost statia.

Those are the Poobah's by the way.

I know that nail polish! ;-) Wowza!

That's what I'm talkin' bout!

wow, um, Kymberlie? can i take you home?

Hey, Bran, obviously I love playing with boobies (just look at me fondle my own), so if I can play with yours, I'll come home with you! :)

Dragon-lady nails will always get my vote...

And I got to sleep with you last month... ;) I am a lucky girl...

Christ all mighty! That's 2 dead kittens. One for each!

Very nice.......more please!

gawd -- I've been wanting to see those "puppies" for YEARS ... got a pix showing the "noses" you're willing to share? [grinning]