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1:05: i dream of pizza and boobs

1:05: i dream of pizza and boobs

statiath.jpg statia

I had pizza for dinner. Deep dish with pepperoni and black olives. It's calling me now. But eating several slices of pizza while you've been sitting on your ass all day - and will be all night - is not a good idea.

I'm eating this power bar instead. It's disgusting. I'm gonna take a bite out of Statia.




i'm going to be seeing boobs for a long time now..lol very nice indeed.

All in white, they look ready for their wedding.

redfaced maybe I shouldn't have worn white.... sly grin

yeah, so off with the bra and take another picture!

What mikey said.

And those will be in MY house next month!

Neener neener! :D