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1am: bend over baby!

1am: bend over baby!

8 more hours? 8 more fucking hours? Pardon my french but I am wigging out. Someone get over here and rub my back!

suzth.jpg suzy

bodacious tatas!


Oh yes. I love the photo of a sexy person, rather than a set of disembodied boobies (though I'd never turn them down, either). Hot!

hang in there...you're doin good =)

time for some energy drinks and a back massage huh? you can do it!!!

Hang in there sweetie! Good job so far!

Here's a nice Red Bull and Vodka for ya: \_/

Just pretend with me, ok? I'm drinking imaginary cosmos, myself.

I need a doctor, STAT!

Want someone to rub your front, too?

No facials, wKen, unless you have windex handy for your poor monitor...

Yuckkkk. I was professing my undying love. Not erupting lust. You've been watching too much porn, Jessica, and I like that in a woman.

oh my god SUZIE!!! How do you get all these bootiful people to send you their boobies?

suzie, your sponsorship of me just took on a whole dreamy, wonderful new light.