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And bring napkins

It's is TIIIIIIIME for the freakout! ... which is roughly thereabouts 11:20pm ... which is 12:20, oh fuck it.


Well, what do you know? She let me out of my cage.

If you're curious how things are going behind the scenes. I've got a snippet for you. While Michele appears to be quite together here on the blog, posting tits and ass, the truth is, we are both wired like Farrah Fawcett right now.

margeincharge: what time MY TIME do I post?
margeincharge: does the title go in the head tags?
margeincharge: oops wrong winder
Propagandhist: what time is it there now.
margeincharge: 11 in the P M
Propagandhist: then post at 11:30 in the pm
Propagandhist: ok midnight
margeincharge: at 1130
margeincharge: "ok midnight"?
Propagandhist: youre up
Propagandhist: i meant
Propagandhist: its midnight
Propagandhist: and your boobs turns
Propagandhist: you still post in half an hour
Propagandhist: god we are like two halfs of one idiot

There you have it folks. My "boobs turns".

P.S. Tell her to let me come back soon? I'm not even have as out of my mind as I could be.

posted by: dumb ole marge


more marge!!

love that marge!

Marge is a pure pleasure! The laughs come tumbling out!

Marge is a sprawling masterpiece!



Terrific Fun!

Marge jingled my bells!