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midnight: melly is a crack ho

midnight:melly is a crack ho

It's midnight here in New York. Things are going to start to get funky from here on in. I'm used to being in a state of unconciousness by now. But hey, no sleep, no bad dreams to look forward to! See, there is a silver lining to everything.

Anyhow, for your boobielicious viewing pleasure, a pure sight to behold, crack for your libido:

crackth.jpg melly


awesome melly!! double cleavage!! woot woot!!

Don't go crazy. That would be bad.

Whooooooaa Melly!

at least she cleaned out the fuzz for the ocassion ;o) Oooh, ocassion has the word ass in it. ha, no it doesn't. Cause it's spelled wrong. I just wanted to see if you were all paying attention.

i need some more now.

statia, you are thinking the way I am thinking and this is all just getting very scary.

I wish I'd stayed an extra day so I could help take those.

Putting the ass in classy, indeed!

Damn that statia is funny. Hoo!

Aigh! Double whammy!

I don't even know how she's doing it. Melly, my mind is a scary scary place.

I have always gotten A's.

I have always gotten Ass.

mmm. that's some addictive crack there. more please.

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