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10:00:more more more!

10:00:more more more!

new sponsor: Miss Elle. Thank you, doll!

More boobs!

katth.jpg kat


Woo! This contest is heating up... I'm glad I hadn't seen anyone else's before sending mine in, lord knows to what extremities I might have gone in a vain attempt to compete!


and also: dayumn!

Go ahead and submit another (more explicit) photo, Bill. If Michele won't post it, I will.

hey, no one said i HAD to wear a bra. there were no ground rules laid out....lol

whew is it hot in here?

I like the pose, giving you that "ride 'em cowgirl" perspective.

I think my research project is coming to a conclusion: Women bloggers have terrific boobage.

That's some A+++ Tampa Bay area boobage right there. We know how to grow 'em. :D