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9:20: and the boobs keep coming

9:20:and the boobs keep coming!

anessth.jpg annessa


Now that's a rack sistah!!! I gotta follow suit since you're my terror twin and all.

Lovely, but the damn necklace is in the way.

Yeah you do, we'll overtake the world with our boobie-power!

I am sitting here, surfing, reading, chatting, and listening to my playlist on WinAmp.

Jay-Z's "Bounce With Me" just cued up. Very appropriate, if you ask me.

hrmmm...perhaps the sexiest pic of boobosity so far.

jewels, a white t shirt, a lack of undergarment and a flutter of black hair...

yes, the crowd says yes.

and by t shirt I mean a button down shirt unbuttoned that is not like a cottony tee at all.

I've seen 'em in person now, but bravo! Whoop, whoop, whoop!

wow. just wow.

I seen 'em too. Bodacious! I helped make that picture too. giggles like a school girl