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9:00: double boobage

9:00:double boobage

Hey! I made it halfway through! Only 12 more hours to go. Only....12....more....

I thought that as night approached I would want to blog less, I would be bored or tired of it. Not so. I feel like posting more. I'm having tons of fun with this. I had figured on being serious at some points - writing my usual novel length posts about life and the world - but this has been much more entertaining for me. Thanks to everyone who has been stopping by here all day, visiting and commenting and talking to me on AIM. (name: propagandhist. say hello)

It's almost nine and I haven't found a suitable mascot yet. Anyone?

And now, I present to you the husband and wife cleavage coalition of Robyn and Todd:

robtodth.jpg I'll assume you know which is which.

Also, you can vote for your favorite blogathoners in different categories. And while you are at that site, please take a look at the participants and go visit some of them!


Ooh, a strapless bra - we're in the big leagues now!

This isn't the first time Todd has been caught in a bra. I'm seeing a pattern here.

Now Robyn can show us pictures of her breasts as often as she likes. Beautiful.

ya know wken, you're right. i have seen him in a bra before too. hmmm todd is there something you want to share with the group?

You know, if Robyn's strapless goes missing, we'll all know where to look.

Y'know, Todd, you seem to have a thing for the blue lace...... it's starting to concern me.

LOL. I got to admit to Todd, you ain't to shabby in that bra! ;) That is a gorgeous strapless!

The blue lace is totally working for ya, Todd; my only concern is that not enough men rock the underwire unmentionables look.

And Robyn: niiiiiice, very chic. Like Jackie O when she was sick of letting Marilyn have all the fun.

And the scary thing is...that turquoise one isn't even mine...or his... Pinky swear.

you know, i thought i'd feel the same way, but i'm having a blast. i'm not ready to throw the towel in yet! i heart what you've done with the boobies here.

Mascot-wise, I say you go for a platypus. They are poisonous yet soft (kind of lie you) and defy category, just like you. :D

No offense to Todd, but I've got a thing for Robyn's.

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