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I hope there's a sudden outbreak of warts

Dammit. I forget how to do the time. It's 8:25. There. That's the time.


I was supposed to be here at 630 but I had a little trouble finding the room that has this thing.

Now I am watching Big Brother 3. When Roddy laments, they play Monks singing. When, Chiara and Roddy are nestled in the hammock, they play love music with cymbals and shit. When Lisa and that beefcake freak fuck doggy style in her bedroom, well, appropriately they play porno music.

This show sucks balls. So does Lisa.

Now I have to go, I can't hear what they're saying from in here.

I don't know if I'll be back. She only uses me when she needs to go take a crap, or eat pizza, or fornicate.

posted by: marge


AWESOME pic there, Marge. mrrreow!

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