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6:40: where the hell did that slut marge go?

6:40: where the hell did that slut marge go?

I think my alter-ego got hung up serving meals to the elderly and infirm in her neighborhood.

Either that or she's drunk in the corner bar with her hand down some guys pants.

So I'm ten minutes late, but I've got boobie bootie for ya.

chrisboobsth.jpg chris

Now that's what I call cleavage.


Sexy hot!

with all these fine racks, i'm starting to look down on mine and wonder why i ever sent them in sigh. oh yeah, thats right.. i had no money to give so i gave the only thing i could. pa rumpa pum pum

Hotcha! Such lovely creamy skin!
I have a big patch of frickin' San Antonio suntan marring my attempt at such pallor. Sigh.

I have a giant crush on Chris. It's so annoying that she's in N.Y.

I got a shiny fiver in my pocket...