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5:41: the boobs of bill

5:41: the boobs of bill

Who wants to wait a half hour for boobies? Here ya go!

billth.jpg bill

Remember, all boob posts move over to the boobieblog after they move down here.

Now, I have a contest for you all. Jenna thinks I need a blogathon mascot. So you have until 9pm tonight to come up with a mascot for the last 12 hours of the blogathon. Use your imagination, but make it something that represents me or my blog. Prize will be awarded. Not sure what yet.

And now, while I shower and walk around the block and have a quickie and get refreshed, my alter-ego will be taking over the 6 and 6pm postings.


I'm tempted to vote for this guy as your mascot - especially for the last twelve hours.

(gasp) But I always thought Bill was a man!!!

Oh D, after all those precious hours we spent dressing each other in Powerpuff Girl costumes... sniff

an exceptional pair, there, Bill.

It's like being in the middle of a colorful orgy. How much cash, Consort?

Ding ding ding! We have a winner. Bill's Warhol-boobies get my vote!

lysergical rack!

ken... bill... ken.... bill....
the voting has got too hard!
what's a girl to do?

Hehe - lysergic rack

Ahhhh...it'sa vehhry niiiice...

slips the Consort a mickey and steals Bill