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4:30: that new blog smell

4:30: that new blog smell

What does your blog smell like? According to bigwig, my blog smells like Original Recipe KFC.

Damn, I knew I should have cleaned up those crumbs.

I thought I would smell more like napalm. Or burning battery acid. Andrea gets to smell like choler and blood. I get greasy food.

What would your blog smell like?

new boobs and a surprise at 5(EST).


stale beer and vanilla cigarette smoke.

"new boobs and a surprise at 5(EST).
July 27, 2002 04:12 PM"

that has got to be the fastest boob job/recovery i've ever heard of. ;)

a freshly opened book, and a walk in the woods with a hint of brimstone

my blog smells like stale cigarette smoke, a well-mixed rum and coke and a touch of man musk.

Yours, I think, smells like the coppery blood with a touch of a pungent spice. Rosemary, perhaps?

stale cigarette smoke and corn nuts.. ooooh and don't forget the fire & brimstone


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