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4:00: man boobs

4:00: man boobs

wkillerth.jpg ken

For your boobalicious pleasure, and so I'm not accused of sexism or objectifying women, our first male entry. Oh, there's more. There is more.

blogathon plug: the lovely, talented and gracious mizdos, one of my immoral supporters.

I'm starting to get loopy. Staring at the computer screen has radiated my sense of decorum.


Woot! Hubba hubba!

I look like a pale serial killer, but anything for a good cause (and my personal exhibitionism).

oh yeah. equal opportunity boobage!

You need to eat a few more Krisp Kremes, Ken. It seems to work with those fatty office types - some of them have bigger titties than me.

On the other hand, don't do it. shudder

That looks like the cover for a tawdry one-handed read.

Fabio better watch his back!

Give it to me baby! Unh huh, unh huh...

Not fair! When I try to give myself cleavage I look like a malnourished Ethiopian getting ready to pose with Sally Struthers. Are you suuuuure ass-cleaves are out?

butt cleavage is totally acceptable.

I was afraid she'd say that.

I can tell he's looking right at me.

i'm with bill on the hubba hubba. hey ken, i think i could help you not look quite so grumpy...

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