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2:30: those crazy boys

2:30:those crazy boys


First space monkeys, now mohawks. The boys in the band seem to be losing touch with their fan base. I mean, what 12 year old pre-pubescent girl wants too swoon over a guy with hair from the early 80's?

Mohawks used to be dangerous and taboo. Now they are just passe. Especially on this guy.

I think that's Joey Fat One in the background laughing at him.

(the pre-pubescent remark does not apply to Glace, who so kindly sent me this picture and who is a fan of the more umm...adult kind).]

blogathon plug: Meryl. Meryl is fighting with Laurence, which I already did today. And she's blogging for a great cause.

Send me your boobs. Next one up at 4pm, and it's male boobies. Don't be shy, guys. Come on Laurence, show us your titties!


Ah, they're just trying to emulate a band that actually has some talent:

Used to, anyway.

It looks more like a topnot. He's just missing a bone through his nose.

Don't. Diss. Chris!

He's a rebel, man! He's pushing the boyband envelope!!! ;)

And I love him!! <swoon>

ummm ... boys with funny shaped heads should NOT get a mohawk ... nope, nope, nope.

Ya know those microphones look...well...sorta like....oh.... forget it...

Hahha, the slash is everywhere! All of you, slashers!

I've been pondering a mohawk for awhile.

Now that it's trendy, I'll pass.

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