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2:00: debauchery


Back from Taco Bell. Now here come the boobies.

The way it works is this: I have the final say in judging. But I can, and will, be swayed by comments. I'll post them one at a time, in between other posts. Drag it out as long as possible.

If you want in and you haven't sent your cleavage yet, send them to me at afireinsideblogATyahoodotcom. I've got cleavage from guys already. Butt cleavage does NOT count, ok?

kdboobth.jpg contestant number one: KD


Holy crow!

Damn, you're all going to wear really cute / sexy bras aren't you! You're going to give me a bra inferiority complex. They don't make that sexy, beflowered stuff in my size.


Yeouch! I think she put my eye out with those things!

I cannot compete with that. Do you have an amateurs category?

I think that I've found a new wallpaper for my Powerbook. ;)

Oh, and I think that there should be separate male and female divisions. Us guys just can't hang with the ladies in this competition.

Maybe we should have cup categories - lightweight, welterweight, heavyweight....


Ummm... Issue the trophy, pull up the stakes. I think we have a winner.

2 hands...hrmmm, whose holding the camera?

umm, perhaps a catagory for the on existant chest?

Are those Machine Gun Jubblies, baby?

eeep! that would be non existant chest. sorry.

Oh wken you complainer. Everyone I'm up against as three or four times the cleavage that I do. Should I be in the male category?

Don't answer that you fuckers.


they're bigger in person, actually. and keep in mind, i have big hands too.

also, yum yum give me some.

humina humina

dayum, I'd better break out the digital camera and convince Ann to do it for charity

At long last! The kd boobs! They should win just because we had to wait so long to see them! Woohoo! Yum!


Well, I was CERTAIN I would be voting for wKen ... but unless there are separate categories (male, female, welterweight, heavyweight, etc.), then the bodacious kd's got all my votes. Can I just slip 'em into her bra strap or somethin'?

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