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This posting every half hour is harder than I thought. Even for someone as verbose as I am.

This is what I'm doing between posts.

Give me links, folks. Give me ideas. Give me crazy news stories. Give me games to try.



This will occupy you for a while.

That's the link I was going to send your way. :)

I've sunk to posting a quote every hour and blogging about it. Not so much because I don't have anything to write but that if I don't start writing shorter entries no one will be able to read them. And God, that's a horrid idea. To actually publish 48 posts and have no one read them. shiver

You could always spill some behind the scenes BlogWhore dirt. :D

Why not aim some of your famous vitriol at this?

it IS harder than i thought. because really, you have maybe 20 minutes at most between posting times to surf, pee, eat, drink, smoke, etc. 10-15 if you type slow.

games to try: i love 'Alchemy'. (at yahoo games)

you can go to uproar.com, I,like the text twist, and gem drop to pass time...collapse is good too.

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