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12:15: blog fight!

blog fight!

Laurence wants to make this day go faster by picking fights. He picked with the wrong chick.

He compared me to the wacko of the web, Hoopty. No offense Hoopty, you know damn well you're a wack job.

You know that money I'm getting for selling all these cleavage shots to pay-for-porn sites? You're not seeing a dime of it. I'm gonna....I'm gonna (thinks of something really mean here) send it to the Arafat baby wipe fund in your name!


I love you, too. ;)

you know, i had that same thought when i was sending you a hooter picture.

actually i was somewhat worried that hoopty would be upset, since i did at one point say i would send him some ta-tas. then it seemed like not such a good idea.

make sure you shrink the picture down alot ok? and maybe you could put up the pictures and make people guess whose boobs they are? and then not tell people? ever?

wack wack wack wack wack

Stop jacking off in my comments, Hoopster.

Today is Hoopty's birthday. Show him your boobies.

whacks on....whacks off

I like kd's hooter guess idea. That's a good one. As soon as I can touch up, er, I mean resize my photo I'll be sending it on.

running nekkid through your blogback!

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