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11:00: hot tramp

11:00: hot tramp


I'm reading Natalie's new issue of Teen People magazine. No, not for the pictures of Heath Ledger. Well, maybe.

My sister gave the subscription to Nat as a present. It's sort of an inappropriate magazine for a 12 year old. Especially a 12 year old with an overprotective mother who swears that her daughter will never have sex. Ever.

After getting through the 40 pages of ads that precede the actual magazine, I realized one thing. We are raising a generation of whores, pimps and materialistic fashion victims. And they all have really bad taste in music.

Take Natalie for instance. She swears she needs a cell phone. She needs to shop at stores that sell t-shirts for $40 apiece. She listens to Blink182.

The more I tell her she can't have these things, the more she wants them.

So I just went through the magazine and wrote the word "TRAMP" across the faces of all the girls.

No, I didn't really.

I just cut out the picture of Heath Ledger. It's giving me inspiration for a future post about masturbation.

I wonder how many parents sit around hoping that their kids don't grow up to be like them?

listening to: David Bowie, Rebel, Rebel


Seriously, would you like some magazine with your ads?

i'm just hoping my boys don't grow up to be like their dad. he is shit.

My son is a carbon copy of me at 13. (well, except for the being a boy thing) It's beyond frightening. I don't suppose there's any pics of Tom Welling in that Teen People, are there??

I know what you mean. My cats are always begging for that new sparkly cat litter they saw on television.

Ok, so I can't really relate.
Welcome to the wide world of capitolism.

I always ask myself "what will my kid/s do to piss me off? what could they possibly come up with that might horrify me?" They'll (once they're conceived) come up with something.

I'd swear on a stack of pancakes; thats Cameron Diaz on the right.

Those magazines aren't all that bad. They only inspired me to puke after every meal for a few years.

My daughter had subscriptions to several "teen" or young women's mags. She stopped them at age 16 because she said all they had were ads designed to make her feel she was never thin enough, rich enough, or having as much fun as everbody else was.

i hope my kid DOES turn out to be like me. what a relief that would be! however, all signs point to negatory, at this juncture: the pink tutu, the frilly dresses, the excited disjointed dancing whenever Britney Stupid flashes on tv... and the kid is only 3. WHY is this happening to ME???