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9am: welcome message

9am: welcome message

suppliesth.jpg supplies

I think I'm ready to go. I hope I am. I've got all the supplies I need. The Ash bobbin head is for good luck. I'll just rub his head every time I get tired and I will be granted another hour of wide awake-ness.

Justin says if I rub his head for good luck.......well, nevermind.

There are plenty of things planned for the next 24 hours. Cleavage contest entries have started coming in.

Don't forget I am taking requests on AIM (propagandhist) email (afireinsideblogATyahoodotcom) and Yahoo Messenger (sporktheworld).

It is 9am. Let the madness begin.

blogathon plug #1: Dave has some serious madness planned for today.


what no jolt or red bull? my cleavage will be there shortly. i have to wait for various people to leave the room before taking boob shot.

This blogathon is just a weak excuse for a sugar, nicotine and caffeine "splurge". Hee-Hee.
Or is that just normal consumption at chez Michele's?
I expect to see the combined effects kicking in by about 11am-12pm.
What's you plan for the day? What coming up "next" on a Small Victory? Have you even got a plan and does it follow the six P's of project management?
... Prior Preparation Prevents Piss-Poor Performance.

Can you tell us anything about your other preparations for the blogathon? Have you got a pit-crew helping you? - they've practiced the coffee cup change and refill and have got the time down to a tidy 20seconds.

Put another pot of coffee on and bring on the blogathon...

Luck Michele!!!
sending you mucho thought vibes. :)

You GO, hot mama!

I just sent you a picture of my cleavage - hope it provides some inspiration, or something.

i took a shot of my supplies too. they include liquor though.

Good luck on your posting! you can do it!