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pre-blogathon news

pre-blogathon news

Well, I got up at 5am anyhow. Which means staying awake 29 hours instead of 24. I think I have writer's block already.

I picked up three new sponsors last night: KD (who is also 'thonning), Stacy and Bill. Thank you all for your generosity and belief in my cause.

Thank you also to Laura, who signed on as an immoral supporter. I'm counting on all of you to keep me going.

I am also sponsoring someone, so as soon as the blogathon starts, please head over to Mike's place and give him some support.

And attention cleavage contest contestants: KD has already sent hers in and umm...wow.

Cleavage contest starts at 8pm. All entries must be in before then (mail them to me). And just so I'm not being sexist, if any guys want to enter, that's fine.

Blogathon totals: $50,782.17 raised for various charities.

Thanks to the generosity of my 31 sponsors, $629.00 for the Daniel Pearl Foundation.

I will be highlighting other blogathoners during the course of the 24 hours. Please check out the participants list and visit as many of them as possible.

Much thanks to the blogathon team for their hard work in putting this together.

I will be back at 9am EST for the start.


Knowing you'd be starting at 9 EST, I was going to laugh if I saw your usual 6:30 post (3:30 am my time). Sure enough when I saw a fresh post bright and early on the day that you'll be spending ALL DAY and NIGHT blogging, my first thought was to chuckle and say to myself, "Man, she's crazy!"

But really I see it as friendly dedication. Good luck getting started this morning (I'd sponsor you as well, but I'm flat busted).

I feel your pain. I even tried to go back to bed after my 3am wakeup (I have the internal clock of someone living in Turkey, I swear) but, nope, still up. It's going to be a long, long day. Especially since I only just realized how freaking long it takes me to write a post. By the time I write one it's already time to write another. And I type 70 AWPM ! Sheesh.

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